Eastwoodhill offers orienteering challenges for all ages, from preschoolers upwards.

Ask us about Tahi's Treasure Hunt. Preschool children can use the check sheet to runĀ around the park andĀ spot specific treasures. You can get your free sheet from the visitor centre.

We also have the Eastwoodhill Explorer's Pack that contains a variety of fun activities young children and their families can do in the park. It is $2 per pack.

The Blue Orienteering Course is suitable for year one to year six students with a good mixture of exercise, strategy and teamwork. This is $2 per pack.

The Stars in the Park Challenge is for year seven and up. The course is a real test of strategy, planning, team building and some hard work! It's $2 per sheet, one sheet per group (groups should be about two to four people).