Adopt a Tree

Adopting a Tree is a great and enjoyable way to donate much needed funds to Eastwoodhill!

Your donation ensures that the trees are looked after and well maintained. It costs between $15,000 and $20,000 per annum to maintain some of the biggest trees at Eastwoodhill. This maintenance work is dangerous and requires two highly qualified arborists each time the tree is pruned.

There are 50 special trees up for adoption at Eastwoodhill. The 'Stars in the Park' are the top 25 and they are $1000 per annum. The next 25 are just as special but not as big, and cost $500 per annum. Each adoption requires a three year commitment.

Once your adoption is confirmed, you will receive an adoption certificate and information about where you can find your tree when you visit Eastwoodhill. Additionally, you'll also receive regular updates about any work that is carried out on your tree, and photos and facts.

There are lots of trees here which we are happy to make available for adoption, so please contact Eastwoodhill for more information.

To view the top 25 trees, click here.

To view the second 25 trees click here.