School Visits

Spend the day out in nature!

Education group entry fee: $2pp

Explore our walking tracks that showcase our extensive tree collection and birdlife. There is plenty of green space and grassy areas, great spots for games and activities. Enjoy the playground and visit our Discovery Centre.

Organise your own fun activities, or our Education Co-ordinator can organise activities and guided walks suitable for all ages and abilities.

All visits and activities must be booked in advance.

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Cost: $2 per pack
Age suitability: Pre-school

Learning Areas: Discovery, observation, sensory, exploration, physical activity

Children will receive a small bag (with a picture checklist of items to hunt for) while exploring the Arboretum.

Using the pencil in their pack, they can tick off the items found. If they like, they can visit our Discovery Centre to take a closer look at the nature treasures they have collected using the microscope. A small treat and sticker in their pack is the reward for all their hard work!

Find-And-Go-Seek Challenge

Cost: $50 set of activity packs
Age suitability: Primary school

Learning Areas: Health and physical education, observation, map interpretation, teamwork

This fun self-lead activity has been designed for primary school students, to get around areas close to the Homestead Gardens, Playground and Visitor Centre. The instructions will be explained by the Education Coordinator. Each group will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Using a detailed map, they will set off to seek out some of the quirky little features that can be found in the Arboretum. Some of these include: Lion in the playground, a busy beehive, a cheeky elf by the lily pond, and a stone castle near the pavilion.

Once located, the group must find the correct information to answer the questions on their worksheet. Each correct answer earns them points. The group with the most points WINS!!!

Orienteering Group Challenges

Cost: $50 set of activity packs
Age suitability: Intermediate/High School

Learning Areas: Health and physical education, teamwork, map interpretation

These challenges are self-led activities. Packs will be given out and the instructions are explained by the Education Co-ordinator before the groups set off. Each group will need to be accompanied by an adult. These activities are designed for groups covering a vast Arboretum area. Our Orienteering Group Challenges will test the students:

  • Map reading and orienteering skills
  • Teamwork and strategic planning
  • Marker hunting abilities
  • Recording information correctly

Students will need to find locations on the map that lead them to marked signs throughout the Arboretum. At these signs, students will need to record information on their group answer sheets. Each correct answer is worth various points. Groups must return back to the meeting place at the agreed time. For every minute they are late back, they will be deducted points. The team with the most points WINS!!

Guided Walks

Cost: ½hr $30 / 1hr $60
Age suitability: All ages

Learning Areas: Science, social science, health and physical education

Experience the sights and sounds of the National Arboretum of NZ, Eastwoodhill.

Our Education Coordinator will take you on a guided tour and share interesting information about some of the special trees, plants and features of Eastwoodhill.

Guided walks are best done in groups of 25 people or less. Larger groups can be split into rotation groups.

Tailored Educational Activities

Cost: $60/hr + cost of any additional resources required
Age suitability: All ages

Potential learning Areas: Science, social science, health, physical education, arts, horticulture, outdoor education, environmental studies

Tailored or guided educational activities to meet specific learning themes (outside of the list above); can be arranged upon application.

Partnership Programme

Learning Areas: Science, social science, health and physical education

We have a partnership programme with Tairāwhiti Museum. Their Educators can facilitate various activities for New Entrants to Year 8 students.

Bookings for this programme are made directly through the Museum and more information can be found on their website.

Venue & Facility Hire

Education groups are welcome to hire our facilities such as the Pavilion building, Discovery Centre, commercial kitchen and barbecue for your own events and activities.

Catering options may be available, please enquire with us regarding the cost.

Collaboration & Connectivity Opportunities

We welcome communication with education providers and research groups who are interested in potential collaboration opportunities. To discuss your projects further, please contact the Curator.