Haere rā


Pete Jackman

Pete has been a board member since 2008, Pete has covered a few miles, first as board member, then chair, then deputy.

Pete knows what happened in yesterday year. Pete was willing to be adaptable and stepped up when we didn’t find the curator we wanted. We adapted our structure , moved on and then Covid hit and Eastwoodhill took a very real hit. Just for fun we have followed that up by a few weather events …

Just as we recognized the need to validate The Collection, the board also knew it needed to validate itself to ensure it was relevant going forward. To that end there has been considerable work towards ensuring our founding documents were recognized and recorded, our own policies and procedures were up to date and we could with stand curiosity as an organisation, in fact one of the first was a trustee conduct policy. We also needed to ensure the Act still worked for us.

All of this was with Pete and his support.

Eastwoodhill owes you a debt of gratitude, most people will probably never recognize, but we do, the value of your time has been enormous

I’m sure you will be leading the pack when the cycle trails eventuate.


To you and Pip, we wish you well with your family and grandchildren and on behalf of the board, staff and friends .

Thank you Pete!


Biran Singh

Biran was contracted to Eastwoodhill through Thrive Spaces and places in August 2022.

Biran made a huge impact on the daily operations out at Eastwoodhill, and built huge foundations to get us back on track. Biran achieved a lot during his time at Eastwoodhill, from building important relationships with government agencies around Te Tairāwhiti, to getting many projects under way like the development of the NZMCA campsite down at Wee Flat, the Houpapa Carving Symposium which was quietly spectacular, and the groundwork for the cultural advisory group. Biran also helped strengthen the valued relationship between Eastwoodhill and the local iwi Te Whānau a Kai.

Biran became a member of Eastwoodhill on his last day as interim curator of Eastwoodhill Arboretum.

Thank you for all your hard work and support Biran, and we look forward to seeing you around!